Republicans hammered by the WSJ for catering to Trump's ravings about election fraud
US President Donald Trump - US President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Not Pictured), on the sidelines of the NATO leaders summit. Trump warned Iran over repeated rocket attacks on the country's embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, saying he would not tolerate any deaths of US personnel. - Michael Kappeler/dpa

Late Saturday, the editors of the conservative Wall Street Journal slammed the Republican Party for continuing to indulge former president Donald Trump in his attempts to contest an election that is over ten months old, with the Journal using the Arizona audit results as a prime example of wastefulness and futility.

On Friday it was revealed that multi-million dollar audit by an outside group called Cyber Ninjas not only found no evidence of voter fraud -- but instead found that President Joe Biden won the state by even more votes.

According to the WSJ's editorial board, enough is enough.

Under a scathing headline that read: "Trump loses Arizona -- Again," the editors wrote, "Former President Trump claims Arizona's ballot audit found 'massive fraud,' yet the new recount says he actually lost the state by 360 more votes than originally reported. He is now demanding an audit of the 2020 election in . . . Texas, which he won by nearly six points. When are Republicans going to quit playing this game?"

"True to his nature, Mr. Trump is claiming vindication based on the audit's analysis of voter files. As the biggest example, he says Arizona's results include "23,344 mail-in ballots, despite the person no longer living at that address. Phantom voters!" No. Did he read the report?" they continued.

After breaking down the particulars from the Cyber Ninjas report -- while also noting that it is littered with errors, sloppy accounting and unfounded suppositions -- the editors dropped the hammer on the Republican Party as a whole and said it was time to get back to doing the people's business and stop catering to the former president.

"The GOP should quit chasing him down rabbit holes. Mr. Trump lost last year by 74 electoral votes, so even flipping Arizona would have left him two states short. He can't admit to his fans that he lost, since it would undermine his rally attendance, fundraising and teasers about 2024," they wrote before adding, "Democrats this coming week are going to try to pass $2.1 trillion in new taxes and $5 trillion in spending, the greatest expansion of government entitlements since LBJ, or maybe FDR. Where's a Republican leader who wants to pick up the party's mantle and talk about that?"

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