Republicans slammed for choosing fantasy over reality as they pretend to believe Trump’s election lies

Writing in the National Review this Monday, the America Enterprise Institute's Yuval Levin says that President Trump and his Republican enablers' crusade to overturn the 2020 election's results has put the "question of reality and fantasy front and center," and supporters of the President are choosing to go with the latter.

According to Levin, supporters of Trump's effort are pretending "the lies too many of their voters have accepted are true and put on a show for those voters, to both justify and intensify their frustration and outrage."

"President Trump himself has obviously encouraged them in this course. He is deeply fluent in the fraud conspiracies, and seems genuinely to believe them — as he has often shown himself incapable of separating fact from fiction too," Levin writes. "We now also know that he has tried to get state officials to steal votes for him even as he claims the Democrats stole them away. He is intent on talking a different reality into being and demands that others accept it."

"To abide and encourage the election-fraud conspiracies is to affirm the web of lies he has been spinning, and the Republican politicians who have chosen to do that know full well that this is what it means."

Levin writes that Republicans are knowingly pretending that Trump's claims of mass voter fraud are true, and lying to the American people is no way to politicians to represent them. "It is a way of showing contempt for them, and of using them rather than being useful to them."

In the wake of the election, too many Republican have chosen this route, according to Levin. "They have decided to feign anger at a problem that cannot be solved because it does not exist, and this cannot help but make them less capable of taking up real problems on behalf of their voters. And in any case, it makes them cynical liars."

Read the full op-ed over at The National Review.