Trump may have planned to join supporters at the Capitol — and the Secret Service could prove it: Stephanie Grisham

Donald Trump may have planned to march to the U.S. Capitol with his supporters on Jan. 6, 2021, and his former press secretary directed the House select committee to the documents that could prove it.

Grisham, who was Melania Trump's chief of staff when she resigned on the day of the insurrection, gave an interview the first week of January before the select committee, where she told House investigators that the former president's intentions would be memorialized in documents provided to the U.S. Secret Service, two sources told The Guardian.

The panel was already seeking documents from the Secret Service about security plans for Trump and then-vice president Mike Pence, but Grisham suggested to House investigators that Trump was determined to speak at the "Save America" rally once he heard about it and oversaw the event's optics in frequent phone calls.

Grisham told the select committee that the White House, Secret Service and "Save America" organizers would have coordinated Trump's appearance at the event at the Ellipse, the sources said.

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Trump never went to the Capitol and instead watched the Capitol riot on television after the Secret Service told them his security could not be guaranteed if he marched with his supporters, and House investigators may be looking into why the presidential line-by-line, which could reveal discussions about security concerns, was not disseminated further.