'We have become disfigured': Christian fears Trump years have permanently scarred evangelicals
Pastors praying over Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

A conservative Christian has written a lengthy editorial for the Christian Post in which he worries his fellow evangelicals have become too hateful to be effective messengers for God's word.

Michael Brown, a longtime charismatic Christian revivalist, argues that some Christians' fanatical devotion to former President Donald Trump shows that many people within the conservative Christian movement "have become terribly disfigured" by partisan politics.

"Is that what has infected us?" he asks "Have we become so consumed with partisan politics to the point that our Christian identity is now completely intertwined with a fleshly, angry, divisive, and accusative spirit – the very spirit of worldly politics?"

Brown also addresses the recent feuds that have erupted among some pro-Trump "prophets" who are claiming that God will soon reinstall the former president back in the White House.

"When my younger colleague Jeremiah Johnson publicly apologized for wrongly prophesying Trump's reelection, he received a torrent of hate mail of the basest sort, almost all of it from professing Christians," he writes. "This is the fruit of the Spirit? This is the result of our fellowship with God? This is what happens when we are changed into the likeness of Jesus? Obviously not."

Read the whole editorial here.