On Monday President Joe Biden will hold a flashy signing ceremony to herald his big win in Congress after they approved a historic infrastructure bill with support from both parties.

Last Wednesday, CNN reported the ceremony will include Capitol lawmakers, governors and mayors representing both parties which led Donald Trump to lash out on Saturday by focusing on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) -- who won't be attending -- while fuming, "It gives Biden and the Democrats a victory just as they were falling off the cliff."

On Monday morning CNN political analyst Stephen Collinson wrote that the ceremony will be a brutal reminder to Trump of one of his biggest failures -- among many.

According to the DC insider, "Trump, as he relentlessly solidifies plans for a likely 2024 presidential run, is meanwhile stepping up efforts to increase his dominance over the Republican Party, vowing to oust lawmakers who backed Biden's bipartisan $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package."

However, he notes, the former president will be overshadowed by today's highly publicized ceremony.

"The current President will hold a high wattage signing ceremony for the measure at the White House on Monday, which will include at least two Republican senators who will show up in defiance of Trump," he wrote before adding, "The event will be a reminder that Trump's own inept attempts to pass such infrastructure reform turned into an object of ridicule."

Collinson went on to add that Biden's "victory lap" comes at a good time.

"If ever a President needed a win, it was Biden, who endured a tough summer. As he signs the measure he hopes will offer a jolt of momentum to his presidency, the President will put Mitch Landrieu, the former Democratic mayor of New Orleans, in charge of implementing the vast new law. But it is unlikely that a rare bipartisan spending program, necessary to fix US roads, railroads, bridges and airports, will be a magic fix for a presidency in turmoil," he wrote.

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