Trump likened to Satan ahead of Saturday rally — Lt Gov warns he's harming Georgia Republicans
President Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Middletown, PA (screengrab)

The Republican lieutenant governor of Georgia warned that it will harm the GOP at the ballot box if Republicans listen to Donald Trump.

Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan argued his case in an opinion column published online by CNN.

After bashing Biden for four paragraphs, Duncan likened Trump to Satan.

"This weekend, former President Trump is hosting a rally in my neck of the woods," he noted. "If the legendary Southern rocker Charlie Daniels were still with us today, his hit song could be re-written as, 'A president went down to Georgia, he was looking for a party's soul to steal.'"

He warned Trump continues to lie about the Peach State.

"Nearly a year after the election, Georgia is still very much on the former President's mind. He continues to be painfully comfortable peddling his baseless conspiracy theories of widespread election fraud. Last week, he fired off a disjointed and juvenile letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asking him to 'decertify' the results of the election," he wrote.

He warned that listening to Trump would hurt the party in the 2022 midterm elections.

"Republican candidates cannot win general elections around the country if they exert all of their energy in the primary on a litmus test around unfounded election conspiracy theories. When Trump comes to Georgia this weekend, expect him to re-package his 'greatest hits' and once again hijack our great state for his own selfish agenda. It might make for good theater, but it is setting back the conservative movement," he wrote.

In a statement emailed to reporters, Trump confirmed Duncan's fears he would continue to push his "Big Lie" of election fraud that incited the January 6th insurrection.

"I will be discussing the winning results of the Arizona Forensic Audit, which will show 44,000 possibly illegal ballots cast, tomorrow at the Great State of Georgia rally, which will be packed!" Trump wrote, even though the controversial audit confirmed he was an even bigger loser than was announced in November.