The recording of Trump and Georgia officials was found in the trash of investigator's laptop: CNN
Donald Trump on the phone in Air Force One (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

The Dec. 23 recording of the call between former President Donald Trump and investigator Frances Watson was almost thrown away, according to a CNN report.

The audio file, which was released to the public this week, "was discovered as the Georgia Secretary of State's Office responded to a public records request," said CNN. "State officials had previously told CNN that they did not think that audio of the December call from Trump to Watson existed."

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis sent letters to main Georgia officials asking them to preserve all documents, but Watson had moved it to her computer "trash."

"It is still not clear why Watson moved the audio of the call to her trash folder," but Watson told WSB-TV reporter Mark Winne that "even though she was surprised Trump called her, she did not perceive any pressure from his phone call."

She said that she recorded it because it isn't every day someone gets a call from the president of the United States.

"It is something that is not expected, as I mentioned in the call you know I was shocked that he would take the time to do that," Watson said.

As the call went along, Trump said that he hoped "we" could win the state of Georgia, and "you have the most important job in the country right now."

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