Trump 'not expected' to throw legal lifeline to Rudy Giuliani: report
Rudy Giuliani (Screen cap).

Former President Donald Trump is not expected to throw attorney Rudy Giuliani a legal lifeline, a CNN legal correspondent reported this week.

Crime and justice correspondent Justice Shimon Prokupecz made the observation on Monday after noting that Trump's legal team has not objected to a search warrant that was executed at Giuliani's residence last month.

"Absent from any filings on the Giuliani search warrants is anything from Trump's legal team," Prokupecz explained on Twitter. "At this point, Trump is not expected to ask the court to intervene to make claims of privilege or raise other issues."

"By this point in the [Michael Cohen] case Trump had intervened," the CNN correspondent pointed out.

Federal investigators are said to be looking into whether Giuliani illegally acted as a foreign lobbyist while defending Trump in the Ukraine scandal.

The Daily Beast reported on Monday that Giuliani allies were hoping that Trump would "issue a strong verbal or written statement saying Giuliani's work during the Trump-Ukraine saga was done on behalf of then-President Trump—and therefore not part of an illegal foreign lobbying effort."