Trump launches racist attack on Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin
Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin speaks during campaign stop. (

On Friday, former President Donald Trump used his Truth Social platform to blast out an attack on Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, claiming he would never have won without Trump's help and throwing in a bizarre, racist attack about his name.

"Young Kin (now that’s an interesting take. Sounds Chinese, doesn’t it?) in Virginia couldn’t have won without me," wrote Trump. "I Endorsed him, did a very big Trump Rally for him telephonically, got MAGA to Vote for him - or he couldn’t have come close to winning. But he knows that, and admits it. Besides, having a hard time with the Dems in Virginia - But he’ll get it done!"

Youngkin is White, although his surname bears a passing resemblance to the full name of Republican Congresswoman Young Kim of California, who is Korean-American.

Contrary to Trump's remarks, Youngkin is widely considered to have scored his victory in the blue state of Virginia at least in part by distancing himself from the former president — although in office he has governed as a largely doctrinaire Republican, hitting many of the same culture war beats as Trump himself, like stripping schools of the power to affirm students' gender identity in some cases.

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This comes after Trump launched a volley of attacks against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, considered to be one of Trump's few potential challengers for the nomination in 2024 — calling him "Ron DeSanctimonious" and even claiming without any basis that he was responsible for DeSantis' 2018 victory by sending in federal agents to stop Broward County from counting ballots.

It also comes as Trump continues to raise nonsensical election fraud conspiracy theories, claiming that elections in Arizona and Nevada were "rigged" simply because the states are not finished counting ballots.

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