Goya Foods revokes pro-Trump CEO's media privileges after he spreads election conspiracy theories: report
Fox News/YouTube

On Monday, the New York Post reported that the board of Hispanic food company Goya Foods has moved to revoke CEO Robert Unanue's media privileges.

"The vote by a majority of Goya's nine-member board means Unanue must now obtain board permission before making any more media appearances, sources close to the situation said," reported Josh Kosman. "'Bob does not speak for Goya Foods when he speaks on TV,' Goya board member and third-generation owner Andy Unanue told The Post last week leading up to the vote. 'The family has diverse views on politics, but politics is not part of our business. Our political point of views are irrelevant.'"

The vote came after Unanue appeared on Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election.

"I think that it is mission accomplished. Mission accomplished by the union, the partnership, the conglomerate of social media, Big Tech, big media and government, big government, for ushering in the dawn of a new world order. This great reset," said Unanue. "With an unverified election, and the big prize is the United States."

Unanue first threw Goya Foods into controversy in July 2020 when he appeared at a White House event with former President Donald Trump and said America was "truly blessed" to have his leadership. His words sparked outrage among the largely Latino consumers of Goya products, who promptly staged a boycott.

Trump supporters, egged on by former first daughter Ivanka Trump, retaliated with a campaign to buy up as many Goya products as possible.