donald trump limo
Photo: DoD Photo by Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique A. Pineiro/Released

CNN's Chris Wallace was aghast as the House Select Committee held its first break of the sixth day of public hearings.

"Beyond these legalities, and we'll get to them, I mean, the take takeaway from this, and Cassidy Hutchinson draws a real timeline from Jan. 2nd, Rudy Giuliani saying it's going to be exciting, wait for it, and people knowing the increasing possibility of violence surrounding Jan. 6th, but what people are going to take away from this is that image inside the beast which is what they call the presidential limousine, inside the beast when Trump gets in, after the rally, and thinks he's going to Capitol Hill to be with the marchers and his Secret Service -- it's not just any Secret Service person" said Wallace. "It's the head of the presidential detail, Bobby Engel, says, 'no, we're going to the White House.' The president of the United States, I assume he's sitting in the backseat, reaches forward, tries to grab the steering wheel, and when the secret service head takes his hand away, he reaches with his other hand for the guy's throat!"

The "Beast" — the transport for the president — has the seat for the president further back from the driver and passenger seats. So, Trump would have had to launch himself far forward to try and grab the agents around the throat.

"I mean, it's — it's astonishing," Wallace said, aghast.

See the video below or at this link.

Trump's violent attack on the secret service