'Trump is a fraud!' Disillusioned supporters rage after being denied service at Trump Grill over vax mandate

Some supporters of former President Donald Trump were left disillusioned when they tried to eat at the grill located in Trump Tower, only to be denied service for not being able to show proof of vaccination.

The supporters filmed a video of their ordeal, in which a security officer explained to them that they needed to show proof of vaccination in order to get service.

"They're under a mandate," the officer said of the restaurant. "They don't want to get in trouble... In any case, right now I'll tell you now, they aren't going to seat you."

"Trump is a fraud if he enforces this!" one upset supporter can be heard saying as the officer spoke.

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At this point, another Trump supporter told the officer that he made a reservation to eat at the grill.

"That's not a guarantee [of service]," the officer informed him. "That's not a Constitutional right!"

Another Trump supporter said that the grill had to prove that the unvaccinated patrons would be a public health threat -- and the officer laughed and said they didn't have to do anything of the sort.

Watch the video below.