Trump-loving cartoonist Ben Garrison turns on former president for pushing vaccines
Donald Trump (NBC/Screenshot)

Many supporters of former President Donald Trump have stuck with him over the years through a number of scandals, ranging from getting caught on camera boasting of sexually assaulting women to getting impeached for a second time for inciting a riot at the United States Capitol.

But some hardcore Trump fans seem to have reached their limit when the former president started to lean into promoting getting vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

Right-wing cartoonist Ben Garrison, for instance, released a new cartoon this week that depicted Trump looking frightened as his own followers booed him for riding on the so-called "Vaccine Bandwagon" along with familiar Garrison villains such as the "Corporate Media" and "Big Pharma."

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Trump this week defended vaccines from some of his supporters' criticisms, as he told right-wing media personality Candace Owens that people who get vaccinated are far less likely to require hospitalization.

Data show that counties with large Trump-voting populations are among the least vaccinated counties in the United States, and Trump warned his followers this week that they were playing into their political rivals' hands by putting themselves at risk of getting seriously ill or even dying from COVID-19.