'Trump has spent months inciting these events': Pence was urged by Americans to oust president after Capitol riot
Donald Trump and Mike Pence at the White House. (CNN/Screenshot)

NBC investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane is reporting that emails sent to Vice President Mike Pence and Donald Trump cabinet members from average Americans urged them to take action against the now ex-president after he helped incite the Capitol riot.

According to a tweet from McFarlane on Sunday, a FOIA request seeking internal emails from the former administration turned up pleas from the public to either use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from power or impeach him once again.

As McFarlane explained in his tweet that was accompanied by screenshots of the emails, "Freedom of Information Act, internal Trump Admin. emails show Donald Trump's Cabinet received requests from outraged citizens on January 7th... asking they invoke the 25th Amendment."

One emailer, writing to Pence -- who resisted derailing the certification of the 2020 presidential vote despite pressure from Trump -- and pleaded, "When the Vice President and the entire Congress have to be HIDDEN in order to be safe from the actions of the President of the United States, it is time to permanently and completely remove the President from power'.

That same writer added, "I urge you to immediately do everything to bring that about."

Another writing to former Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette on the day after the Jan. 6th riot, bluntly called it an "insurrection," before adding, "The January 6th attack that left four Americans dead was not a random event. President Trump has spent months inciting these events through his anti-democratic rhetoric and actions. Now is not the time for small steps and half-actions."

Those calls for invoking the 25th Amendment did not come just via emails, with historian Michael Beschloss tweeting, "We are now witnessing a primal threat to our democracy. Constitutional remedies may include 25th Amendment and impeachment and removal of the President."

Conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg simply tweeted, "25th Amendment now," and former White House official Joe Lockhart chiming in, "The cabinet should convene and remove the President under the 25th amendment. We have a President who is now engineering a violent coup attempt."

You can see MacFarlane's new tweet below along with other tweets from Jan 6th .