Trump's NYC Adopt-a-Highway sign to be torn down after hundreds of locals demand its removal

Former President Donald Trump's name will be taken down from an Adopt-a-Highway sign located along the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York City.

West Side Rag reports that the New York City Department of Transportation this week sent out a letter informing residents of its decision to remove the sign.

"DOT has determined that the contract between the organization and the maintenance contractor expired on November 7 and will not be renewed," Manhattan Borough Commissioner Edward F. Pincar Jr. explained. "The existing sign will be removed promptly."

As West Side Rag notes, many residents in the area have been demanding the sign's removal for years, and a petition to have it taken down has now garnered 1,700 signatures.

Upper West Side resident Richard Robbins, who led the drive to remove the sign, took a victory lap in an interview with the West Side Rag.

"That's awesome!" he said. "For years, this sign has been an affront to people on the Upper West Side who are offended by Trump's racism and misogyny, and more recently his promotion of the insurrection. We are outraged that a president who helped destroy our environment would be credited as a sponsor of a highway 'beautification' initiative."

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