'You've GOT to be kidding': Legal experts heap scorn on Trump's 'garbage' new lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton in which he accused her of engaging in an "unthinkable plot" to make him look like Russian President Vladimir Putin's puppet.

Many legal experts, however, are not impressed with the former president's claims.

Trial lawyer Max Kennerly, for instance, spotted an elementary legal citation error in the lawsuit within minutes of reading through it.

"As an indication of the quality of Trump's complaint, Count III alleges 'injurious falsehood,' an obscure state law tort that is essentially trade libel," he wrote on Twitter. "In support, Trump cites a federal law that has nothing to do with it. 18 U.S.C. § 2701 is the Stored Communications Act."

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Former federal prosecutor Ken White, meanwhile, similarly found himself in disbelief by the low quality of Trump's lawsuit.

"Oh you've GOT to be f*cking kidding me," he wrote. "Dear Former President Trump: Next time, hire lawyers smart enough not to concede repeatedly in your lolsuit that Russia was a hostile foreign sovereignty."

Harvard Law professor Lawrence Tribe dismissed Trump's lawsuit as "absurd" on its face.

"An absurd lawsuit by an absurdly litigious former president who has only himself to blame for being compromised by Putin and thus looking like he is compromised by Russia," he wrote.

National security attorney Bradley Moss, meanwhile, said he wasn't going to even bother reading Trump's complaint.

"You couldn't even pay me to read this garbage," he wrote.

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