Subpoenaed Trump insiders may be forced to flip: NYT's Haberman
Donald Trump during an interview with Axios. (YouTube/Screenshot)

During a CNN "New Day" discussion on the latest round of subpoenas issued to allies of Donald Trump on Monday by the House committee investigating the Jan 6th insurrection, the New York Times' Maggie Haberman disagreed with CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin by asserting that some may be forced, or be willing to testify, because they will have no choice.

According to Toobin, the House committee's hands are tied at the moment because so many are refusing to testify and are using every tool in the legal system to run out the clock on the committee.

However, Haberman countered saying the legal bills are piling up for all of the officials being scrutinized and that could end up being a problem for Trump if they run out of money.

Discussing the Steve Bannon criminal referral that was sent to the Justice Department -- which has gone nowhere in almost three weeks -- Toobin said the committee is struggling at the moment without the DOJ working faster.

"Even if they decide to prosecute Steve Bannon, it is likely to be a multi-month process with legal proceedings that will go in the district court, in the circuit court, potentially the Supreme Court," the attorney explained. "So the options for delay here, even if they decide to -- the Justice Department finally gets its act together and prosecutes people -- the options for delay can go for months and months."

'I think the odds of them actually testifying are remote," he added.

"There are some people who are actually doing some form of dealing with the committee," Haberman interjected. "People were subpoenaed and did not claim they were protected by executive privilege. -- I don't know all these folks are going to do this. It depends, in some cases, how many legal fees they want to incur on their own. I don't think they're getting blanket coverage from the Trump folks."

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