The Republican Party's infighting is getting worse as Trump is hoovering up cash: report
Press conference of Donald Trump, President of United States of America, during NATO. (Shutterstock)

Republican candidates are struggling to bring in as much cash as former President Donald Trump continues to raise millions for his super PAC.

Axios crafted an extensive report Thursday detailing the ways in which Trump's fundraising is "kneecapping" the GOP's efforts to fundraise for the 2022 midterm elections. Privately, Republicans are complaining about the problem behind the scenes.

Trump sends daily emails and text messages to supporters, bombarding donors with his requests at a time that other candidates are trying to increase their campaign war chests.

Trump's political accounts like Save America PAC and Make America Great Again pulled in over $51 million in the second half of 2021 raising more than $122 million in the bank, the FEC reports reveal. The online solicit operation is akin to tactics that the Democratic committees have used called "churn and burn," where a group constantly churns up their email list with solicitations. They ultimately burn through everything with so many solicitations that people unsubscribe.

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One Republican digital strategist told Axios that it's dramatically different from any other former president in the technology era.

Meanwhile, using WinRed, the GOP's new version of ActBlue, scrapes 22 cents off of the dollar for processing. "WinRed last year went not to GOP midterm candidates but to two Trump committees: Save America and the Trump Make America Great Again Committee," Axios reported of their analysis. Trump's PACs pulled in more WinRed money than both the Republican Senate Committee and Congressional Committee combined.

ActBlue lists their top-funded groups as Democratic Party committees.

Trump's fundraising tactics beg his donors to "quadruple down" their typical donations, which can reach the top of what GOP donors can afford, leaving nothing left for other candidates and committees. It leaves the committees with going to major donors, some of whom want nothing to do with Donald Trump. But then, the committees are asking anti-Trump Republicans to fund Trump's candidates.

"Nobody of stature wants to talk publicly, for fear of retribution — because Trump remains the most powerful man in Republican politics," said the report.

Trump's team claims that other candidates or committees are simply jealous of their success.

Read the full report from Axios.