'Top Republicans want Trump done forever': CNN political analyst
Mitch McConnell (screenshot)

Several Republicans in the House of Representatives now say they will vote to impeach President Donald Trump, and CNN political analyst Margaret Talev said on Wednesday that some in the GOP see this as their best chance to stop him from running in 2024.

"Top Republicans want Trump done forever," she said. "You've seen enormous ground shift in the last 24 hours, at least publicly, but I think behind the scenes some of these discussions were going on for days."

She then listed some of the reasons Republicans have finally had it with the president and want to see him driven out of politics.

Among other things, she said GOP lawmakers may have been shaken after receiving some closed-door briefings from law enforcement officials detailing just how much worse the Trump-incited attack on the Capitol building could have been.

She also said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is "seeing how much better his life is" with Trump permanently booted off Twitter, which gives him the space to make political decisions without fear of immediate backlash from the White House and Trump supporters.

"If this happens, it could put President Trump off the grid for 2024, allow him to reset control of the party, and allow him to deal with Joe Biden without President Trump being a voice that guides and essentially controls the Republican Party," she explained.

Watch the video below.