Trump's new lawyer's history suggests voter fraud claims will be the center of his impeachment defense: report

Former President Donald Trump has hired Butch Bowers, a longtime Republican attorney with experience in election law, to represent him in the Senate's upcoming impeachment trial, which could begin in a number of days or weeks, POLITICO reports.

The hiring comes after Trump struggled to find a defense team since lawyers that defended him in his previous impeachment trial said the case against him is much stronger this time.

Bowers was praised by some of his former Republican clients, one of which was Nikki Haley. "Butch is a good friend and a fine lawyer. President Trump is fortunate to have him on his team," Haley said through a spokesperson.

According to POLITICO, Bowers' history serving under President George W. Bush as special counsel for voting matters in the Justice Department, and as counsel in Florida for John McCain's 2008 presidential run, suggests that Trump will make his claims of a stolen election the center of his impeachment defense.

"All I can say is based on the Butch Bowers I know and respect, I would hope that he wouldn't be sucked in as a tool in advancing the president's conspiracy theories," said former client and former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford.

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