Trump impeachment defense lawyer once accused a Black juror of 'shucking and jiving'

Former President Donald Trump has finally found some lawyers to represent him at his second impeachment trial -- and one of them has a history of using racial stereotypes while in court.

Huffington Post reports that Greg Harris, a Trump impeachment lawyer based in Columbia, South Carolina, once moved to strike a Black juror from a case because he supposedly "shucked and jived" and showed an overall disinterest in paying attention to the case.

"I watched him as he walked from the jury panel to the microphone and I have noted that he ― he shucked and jived is what I had," Harris told the court. "That's just my analysis of the way he walked up here."

This employment of racial stereotypes led to a formal complaint against Harris, and the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that his use of such stereotypes was "troubling."

"The use of this racial stereotype is evidence of the prosecutor's subjective intent to discriminate," the court ruled at the time.

Philip Mace, who at the time served as the defense attorney in this particular case, told Huffington Post that "Harris used nine out of 10 of his strikes against Black potential jurors," even though Harris insisted he didn't do so for racist purposes.