Right-wing talk show host's attack on impeachment gets blown apart by his own guest
Screen cap/Twitter

Conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday tried to argue that the current impeachment proceedings are unfairly biased against former President Donald Trump -- and got quickly shot down by his own guest.

While talking with fellow conservative Matthew Continetti, Hewitt said that Trump couldn't get a fair trial from the United States Senate because the senators themselves were victims of the mob the former president incited to attack the Capitol building.

"Victims ought never to be jurors," Hewitt argued. "And observers on the scene ought not to be analysts because they are emotionally involved in that."

Continetti, however, said that this arrangement is completely impossible to avoid given what the Constitution says about impeaching presidents.

"Unfortunately, when the trial is taking place at the scene of the crime and the mob targeted, I think, the elected officials of the United States while they were performing their constitutional duty, there's no way, I think, of getting out of that situation," he replied.

"A motion of censure would have done so, or a decision to leave prosecution for incitement to D.C. authorities," Hewitt claimed.

Watch the video below.