Even Trump’s letterhead undermines his impeachment defense
Donald Trump is the only US president ever impeached twice by the House of Representatives, and faces his second trial in the Senate beginning February 9, 2021

Former President Donald Trump is pursuing a number of legal arguments in his bid to defeat the Senate impeachment trial. However, his core argument has been consistent: that impeaching a former president is unconstitutional.

The irony, however, is that Trump himself remains steadfastly incapable of referring to himself as a "former" president at all. And as Washington Post political reporter Dave Weigel noted, even his own letterhead is a stark reminder of this disconnect:

Trump's impeachment trial centers on incitement of insurrection, with the former president accused of personally encouraging his supporters to stage the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol in January with his constant and repeated lies that he was the actual winner of the presidential election and several states were stolen from him.

He is also expected to argue that his freedom of speech is being targeted with the impeachment.