GOP super-lawyer Ted Olson cuts off donations to Republicans who refuse to convict Trump

One of the top GOP lawyers in America says he will no longer donate to Republicans who refuse to convict Donald Trump for inciting the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Ted Olson served as assistant attorney general during Ronald Reagan's administration and solicitor general during George W. Bush's administration -- and he is now backing impeachment.

"This is not just Jan 6. Trump has been attempting for weeks to convince the American public—and duly elected and appointed election officials—that the election was a fraud and was stolen from him, in the face of irrefutable evidence and numerous judicial opinions to the contrary," Olson told the National Law Journal. "This was a constant and fraudulent effort to undermine the integrity of American institutions and processes. It culminated, of course, in the violence and lawlessness on Jan. 6."

Olson, a partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in Washington, will not donate to Republicans who vote to acquit Trump.

"I haven't resolved yet what I plan to do, but certainly do not plan to contribute financially to or support candidates or committees who do not pass the test of character presented by the Senate's vote on the impeachment trial," Olson said. "This is about not only accountability of the former president, but every senator who votes either to condemn or condone the former president's conduct. Each senator will have to live with his or her conscience relative to this vote and to answer to the American people about it."

Olson had harsh words for the GOP, saying he has not "changed my registration, but have observed that the leadership of the Republican Party no longer cares about or is interested in the support of Republicans like me."

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