Law professor busts Trump’s impeachment lawyers for lying: ‘They misrepresent what I wrote quite badly’
Donald Trump in the White House. (Vasilis Asvestas /

A law professor claims former president Donald Trump's impeachment lawyers repeatedly and willfully misrepresented his writings in a new filing.

Brian Kalt, a constitutional law scholar and presidential historian at Michigan State University School of Law, was cited multiple times in a brief filed by Trump's lawyers ahead of his impeachment trial, but the professor said they took his work out of context to craft the opposite argument he'd made.

"The article favored late impeachability, but it set out all the evidence I found on both sides -- lots for them to use," Kalt wrote Monday. "But in several places, they misrepresent what I wrote quite badly."

The legal expert pointed to several examples where Trump's defense truncated or distorted his writings to support the opposite conclusion he had reached.

"My article presented all of the evidence I found on both sides, so there was lots for them to use fairly," Kalt wrote. "They didn't have to be disingenuous and misleading like this. The House managers' brief cited my article a lot too and, to their credit, did so honestly."