Prosecutors investigating Trump preparing security measures against possible violent backlash: report
Donald Trump (AFP)

On Thursday, Business Insider reported that local courts and prosecutors involved in investigating former President Donald Trump are preparing extra security in case, should they charge the former president with a crime, the trial draws anger and violence from supporters.

Such measures are being taken in Fulton County, Georgia, for instance, where the DA is investigating the former president's phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger demanding he "find" 11,000 extra votes. The FBI has reportedly been asked for assistance — but that is just the beginning.

"Terry Norris, executive director of Georgia's sheriffs association said that the courthouse's 'security measures have been highly bolstered since then,'" reported Camila DeChalus and Jacob Shamsian. Moreover, "Fulton County Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman, who sits on a board that is responsible for allocating money to the sheriff's office, said in a statement to Insider that she is ready to provide more funding to that sheriff's department if Trump continues to call for more protests against the Atlanta investigation."

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Also on high alert is the Manhattan DA's office, which is investigating the Trump family's finances.

"We are one of the few court systems nationally who have a law enforcement arm under our roof,' Lucian Chalfen, the director of public information for the New York state court system, told Insider. "The 4,000 court officers make it one of the largest municipal public safety departments in the country."

"Meanwhile in DC, Trump faces the possibility of a criminal charges related for trying to stymie Robert Mueller's investigators and his role in inciting the deadly rioting at the Capitol on January 6, 2021," noted the report. "Ever since the Trump supporters' riot, DC security officials have tensed up at the prospect of political violence. And while officials in the Capitol itself have added new security measures, it's not clear what every government facility in the city has done."

Trump has repeatedly denied all allegations of wrongdoing against him and his family.

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