Donald Trump
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Former President Donald Trump has vowed to defeat the charges secured by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on Thursday. And some analysts have argued that of all the criminal investigations into the former president, including the federal January 6 case, the classified documents probe, and the Georgia election interference investigation, the Stormy Daniels probe was the least consequential of them all.

But contrary to all of that, CNN's Kaitlan Collins argued, this is the case he most desperately wanted not to be litigated in public.

"It certainly is a very, very dramatic and historic moment," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "What else are you learning?"

"The [former] president's legal team had been bracing for this ... they knew that this was likely something that could happen," said Collins. "So the question is what happens next because his attorneys have said that he will surrender that he will fly his plane here to New York to go through the next steps, where he's going to be fingerprinted and photographed for the next steps of what an indictment looks like. We don't know how soon that will happen. It could take several days."

"I think we have heard this refrain from some people in recent days that say he actually wants to be indicted. They think it'll be good for him," said Collins. "He does not want to be indicted, certainly not for this case. This is one of the most personally sensitive situations for him. It was ever when he was in the White House, and there was reporting on this on a daily basis on who made these payments and who knew about these payments. Because it involves allegations about an affair, and it was something that greatly bothered the first lady, Melania Trump, at the time, and so it is a very sensitive case actually for Trump."

"I think the idea that he wanted to be indicted does not match with any of the reporting that I've had," she added. "But it is a historic nature that he is now the first U.S. president, former U.S. president to face criminal charges."

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Kaitlan Collins says this is the last case Trump wanted charges in