Donald Trump
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump has already been indicted on felony charges in the state of New York, and now his lawyers are reportedly preparing him to get hit with federal charges as well.

Sources tell Rolling Stone that Trump's allies are telling him that he appears very likely to be indicted by special counsel Jack Smith's office in the Mar-a-Lago documents case where he stashed top-secret government documents at his private resort and refused to return them even after receiving a subpoena.

“Looks like they’re going for it,” one source tells the publication. “People close to the [former] president have discussed with him what we think is going to happen soon, and how he and everyone else needs to be ready for it… It would be crazy not to.”

Tom Fitton, a Trump ally and president of the right-wing Judicial Watch group, similarly told Rolling Stone that he "would just presume indictments in all the jurisdictions."

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The publications sources also say that Trump has reacted bitterly to the looming potential indictment, and has angrily questioned why President Joe Biden isn't also being indicted after officials found classified documents stashed at several of his properties.

Of course, as the report points out, Trump faces significant danger not for merely possessing the documents but for potentially obstructing the government's attempts to retrieve them from his possession.