Florida state Attorney suggests Donald Trump could be indicted after the elections
Donald Trump stands before his luxurious Florida compound, Mar-a-Lago, where he has spent many weekends of his young presidency (AFP Photo/Don EMMERT)

It's mere weeks ahead of the 2022 midterm election and while Donald Trump isn't on the ballot, one Florida state attorney thinks that the Justice Department is holding back on an indictment until after the votes are cast. A few months ago, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memo saying that no politician on a ballot could be indicted ahead of the election without approval by him personally.

Speaking to FloridaPolitics, Dave Aronberg said that he thinks Trump's possession of government documents, refusal to hand them over and the discovery of top-secret, classified and nuclear information sitting around Mar-a-Lago is likely the line that former president crossed.

“We have reports that involve nuclear materials, we have reports that involve foreign spies, but we don’t know (those allegations) for sure,” said Aronberg, who serves in the 15th Judicial Circuit, which is where Trump's Palm Beach County country club is located. “And that’s where I’m guessing (the documents do) involve that, and I think he will be indicted after the midterms.”

As for Jan. 6, Aronberg said, “If you’re going to charge the former President with any crimes, you have to tie him directly to the violence. It’s not so easy to do.”

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He went on to quote a federal judge in California who allowed John Eastman's emails to be released.

“There’s a federal judge, Judge (David) Carter, who said that it is more likely than not that former President Trump committed those two crimes,” Aronberg said. “So, those two are in play. But again, you have to have a direct link between Trump and the violence on that day for prosecutors to charge. Based on what we know now, not sure.”

The documents, however, show that direct line.

“He keeps making admissions in his public statements,” which could hurt his case, Aronberg said. “It shows knowledge, it shows intent.”

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He suggested that the most important piece is having information that is dangerous to national security. The Kim Jong Un letters aren't likely that. However, there are reports that some information involves the most important and top-secret information in American intelligence.

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