'Dooms him to the trash bin of history': Heartland newspaper bashes Trump's attempted coup in scathing editorial
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Reflecting on new reports that Donald Trump was going to extraordinary lengths to undermine the 2020 presidential election results, the editorial board of the highly influential St. Louis Post-Dispatch slammed both the former president and his die-hard supporters.

With the editor's setting the stage by reporting, "The report makes clear that a handful of top administration officials heroically averted this attempted coup by threatening mass resignations if Trump carried out his scheme," they suggested, "As more and more of these details emerge, Republicans who continue to support Trump's false and toxic claims of electoral victory should think hard about how history will view him — and them."

According to the editorial, "The interim report by the Senate Judiciary Committee shows how Trump's Jan. 6 incitement of a mob of his supporters to attack the Capitol was only his most publicly visible attempt to overturn an election he clearly lost. In the days prior, Trump was maneuvering behind the scenes, trying to weaponize his Justice Department to validate his already-disproven claims of election fraud."

They then drew a parallel to Watergate which eventually brought down the presidency of fellow Republican Richard Nixon, saying Trump's attempt to subvert democracy is miles worse and that he and his enablers should forever live in infamy.

"No rational American today would defend Nixon's actions — and he was merely trying to get away with covering up an illegal wiretap, an objectively less damnable offense than trying to overturn a valid national election," they charged. "With every new revelation, Trump's attempted coup against democracy further dooms him to the trash bin of history. Those who still don't understand that might well find themselves joining him there."

You can read the whole piece here.