CNN conservative goes off on former Trump advisor for whining about the Jan 6th riot committee
CNN screenshots

Complaints about the work being done by the House select committee looking into the Jan 6th insurrection by a former Donald Trump advisor set off a furious response on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday Morning.

The panel, hosted by Dana Bash, went off the rails after Trump apologist David Urban accused members of the committee of dragging out their investigation because it is "political." That, in turn, set off CNN conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter who engaged in a shouting match with Urban.

"I think that this January 6th panel has taken longer than Watergate," Urban began before correcting himself and continuing, "Longer than the Kennedy assassination investigation. Longer than 9/11 investigation' right? Let's get it wrapped up."

"The 9/11 investigation had a commission. They don't have the same tools," he was corrected by host Bash as Carpenter spoke over him pointing out about Jan 6th, "And largest ever seen, more than 700 people physically arrested."

"If it wasn't political, the results wouldn't be coming out in September and October this year," Urban soldiered on as Carpenter fired back, "That is not true!"

"Yes it is. Completely true, Amanda," Urban exclaimed.

"Why doesn't Mark Meadows help speed up the process and testify to the committee?" Carpenter countered.

"That's your answer, that's your answer?" the former Trump advisor parried.

You can watch the panel chaos below:

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