Here's how a progressive woman tricked a MAGA rioter into giving up incriminating info on a dating app
United States Department of Justice

New details are emerging on how progressive women used dating apps to identify and solicit confessions from supporters of Donald Trump who were at the Capitol during the January 6th insurrection.

Andrew Taake was arrested for pepper-spraying officers and hitting them with a metal "whip-like device." Taake was identified by law enforcement officials after he posted incriminating information about his actions on dating app Bumble.

HuffPost senior justice reporter Ryan J. Reilly interviewed the woman who helped identify the suspect.

The woman is a "20-something communications professional" in DC identified in the story only as "Claire." She deleted her pink Women's March "p*ssy" hat and identified herself as a conservative and began swiping yes on men in the DC area.

She eventually started chatting with a man named "Andrew."

"Were you near all the action?" Claire asked.

"Yes," Andrew replied. "From the very beginning."

He pushed outlandish claims that it was antifa who attacked officers.

He also recounted being "sprayed" during the incident "all while just standing there."

They kept chatting and Claire was eventually able to track down his real identity.

Claire reportedly got three men to admit they were at the insurrection.

"I basically just asked, 'Wow, crazy, tell me more' on repeat until they gave me enough," Claire said. "One of my friends was like, 'You basically got all these confessions just being, like, 'Haha! Then what?'"

In April, Robert Chapman was arrested after being identified on Bumble.

"We are not a match," was the final message sent by the woman who outed him.