Trump bungles attempt to slam Biden over supply chain -- and says 'every shelf was bare' on his watch
Screen cap / Fox News

Former President Donald Trump appeared on Sean Hannity's show on Tuesday -- and he promptly bungled an attempt to attack President Joe Biden over supply-chain problems.

While talking with Hannity, Trump touted his own efforts at "supplying our country" during his presidency, despite the fact that there were shortages of toilet paper and other essential goods in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We did a fantastic job of supplying our country," Trump claimed. "Every shelf was bare! Every cupboard, I call them cupboards, were bare!"

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In fact, having bare cupboards and shelves means they are bereft of goods.

Trump went on to claim that "we did a great job" and "we got no recognition" for it.

Watch the video below.