Trump claims no supply chain problems during his administration despite infamous toilet paper shortages

Former President Donald Trump is falsely claiming there were no issues with the U.S. supply chain during his administration.

In an interview with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell that aired Tuesday night, Trump accused President Joe Biden of "destroying our country."

"You look at every single thing, even the supply chains. Did you hear even a question of a problem with the supply chain?" Trump said, referring to his time in office.

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway made the same false claim during an appearance on Fox News earlier this month.

"I worked in that White House for four years," Conway told host Sean Hannity. "We never even heard of a such of a thing. There was no supply chain crisis."

The Huffington Post called Conway's claim her "most brazen Trump lie yet."

"Supply chain issues were one of the most dominant stories of 2020, when Trump was president and Conway was working in the White House as the start of the coronavirus pandemic triggered panic buying," the site noted. "That, in turn, caused nationwide shortages of everything from toilet paper to pasta, leading to empty shelves in supermarkets."

Watch below.

Trump on supply chain