Trump may be thinking of striking Iran to 'go out with a boom': Ex-national security official
Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

On CNN Friday, former national security official Samantha Vinograd warned that outgoing President Donald Trump may have an incentive to engage in aggression against Iran.

"It is a fact that Iran represents a threat to U.S. national security, particularly during this period of heightened risk due to the upcoming anniversary of the Qassim Suleimani assassination," said Vinograd. "But we have to acknowledge the fact that we can't trust a lot of what the administration tells us when it comes to Iran ... President Trump and members of his team have fabricated or twisted intelligence, including on Iran, to suit personal or political objectives."

"It's no secret that striking Iran has been on President Trump's bucket list for some time and with 19 days to go, he could want to go out with a boom," said Vinograd. "That's why U.S. officials are monitoring and redirecting assets to monitor threats associated with Iran in and around this period. And at the same time this public, and I hope members of Congress, are questioning any intelligence that the administration is pointing to about a purported Iranian attack."

"I think that Iran will calibrate any attack associated with the anniversary, because they do not want to box themselves in ahead of Biden coming into office and restarting nuclear negotiations lifting sanctions," she added

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