Far-right lawyer likens Trump to Jesus in holy war Twitter rants
Photo: Roxanne Cooper/MidJourney

An attorney who has garnered national publicity for his spirited representation of January 6 defendants has taken up a new cause: comparing Donald Trump to Jesus Christ on Twitter.

Joseph D. McBride launched his virtual Holy War tirade this morning with this:

“President Trump will be arrested during Lent – a time of suffering and purification for the followers of Jesus Christ. As Christ was crucified, and then rose on the 3rd day, so too will (Trump). Violence is never the answer. Winning the election is. Vote for Trump!”

McBride followed that one up with this one, borrowing Trump’s signature all-caps format:


Trump posted on his Truth Social platform that “illegal leaks” had indicated he would be arrested Tuesday following an expected indictment from Manhattan District Attorney Bragg. The case revolves around allegations that Trump directed his attorney Michael Cohen to make not-altogether pious hush money payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Apparently mindful of the irony of such a defendant getting likened to Jesus, McBride then added this Tweet:

“Peter was a cursing fisherman who cut the ear off a Roman in the presence of Jesus. Yet he was the 1st Pope. Jesus loves Donald Trump the same, no matter his shortcomings.”

Newsweek reported today that “McBride previously made similar comparisons to Jesus when discussing the treatment of his clients and others who were arrested for participation in the January 6 Capitol riots.

"Jan-Sixers are being fed to the lions for sport in DC & the FBI is targeting practicing Catholics, labeling us—extremists," McBride tweeted in February. "Evil has never been bolder, & good people, never more afraid to stand. Stand we must, nonetheless. Never forget, Jesus was killed for being an 'extremist.'"

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