'George Santos on steroids': Trump biographer doesn't see him going to jail — but he'll be held accountable
Donald Trump speaks in Manchester, New Hampshire, on April 12, 2014. (Shutterstock.com)

In a discussion about the New York grand jury and the possible charges that Donald Trump could face, one of the Trump biographers, Tim O'Brien, explained on an MSNBC panel that he doesn't anticipate the former president will end up in prison.

O'Brien was asked if he thought the New York charges, even if there is a conviction, would stop Trump from running for president.

"Only if he can run for president," said O'Brien. "You know, I think his voters don't care. Lyndon Larouche ran for president, I think, four, five times, after being convicted for, you know, tax evasion. Eugene Debs got jailed for socialism. He still ran. The only thing that prevents you from running for president under the Constitution, is if you are a seditionist. Which is why, I think, the DOJ investigation of all of these — the Georgia investigation, and the two investigations in New York — it's the one that has the most consequences for him existentially to be able to run for the presidency. I have a hard time believing he'll wind up in jail as a result of any of this litigation, but I think that, you know, for him, he has spent decades of avoiding accountability under the law."

Host Ayman Mohyeldin asked if they've passed the threshold of Trump being held accountable before he can become president again because the timeline is difficult.

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"Yes, that could happen?" said O'Brien. "And it's like George Santos on steroids. It's — what do Republicans do when you have someone who's under an active investigation for breaking the law, and he is your leading candidate for the White House?"

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