Trump wages war against family of special counsel

Donald Trump on Tuesday attacked the family of the special counsel appointed to investigate the government documents recovered at Mar-a-Lago, attempted insurrection, and obstruction of Justice.

"This is just a small amount of information from the wife of the hard-line radical left special counsel (prosecutor), an acolyte of Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Obama," Trump posted on his Truth Social website.

Trump did not supply any evidence that Jack Smith is a "hard-line radical left special counsel," but he did post screengrabs about documentary filmmaker Katy Cevigny.

Trump tried to smear the investigation by noting the prosecutor's wife was the producer of the Emmy-nominated 2020 documentary "Becoming" on former first lady Michelle Obama.

Trump also posted a screengrab from a since-deleted Twitter account with the same name as the prosecutor's wife saying, "thank goodness" when Trump lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

Trump also posted a screengrab showing a Facebook user with the same name liking a 2016 post supporting Hillary Clinton.