Trump's Texas rally haunted by the 'reality' that the House Jan 6th investigation is closing in: legal experts

In a column for MSNBC, Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe and former federal prosecutor Dennis Aftergut claim Donald Trump's rally in Texas on Saturday will be all about putting on a brave face as the House committee investigating the Jan 6th insurrection closes in on the former president and his plot to steal the 2020 presidential election.

With the select committee now focusing on a plan to use fake electors to overturn the actual results at the state level in key states, the legal experts claim that things are not looking good for the former president as he tries to rally his base at his "Save America" rally in Conroe Saturday .

Writing, "On Saturday, Trump is set to throw red meat to his base — and continue gearing up for a possible 2024 presidential run — at the Houston-area 'Save America' rally. In this alternate reality, the ongoing investigation into his election scheming is all a witch hunt, those 'alternate electors' were just trying to help America, and he and his fellow plotters are the real victims," the two added Trump has good reason to be nervous about what is happening outside his circle of adoring fans.

"Back in the real world, the Justice Department announced on Tuesday it was investigating the Trump campaign’s bogus elector slate scheme, which has quickly become a focus of the House select committee investigating Jan. 6," they explained before suggesting, "this Justice Department announcement represents another milestone toward full accountability."

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Adding, "At minimum, the criminal investigation of both parts of the plot involves potential charges under 18 USC §§ 371, 1512 and 2384 — defrauding the United States, “corruptly impeding” an official proceeding and seditiously conspiring against the government," the two legal experts continued, "We expect the Justice Department to investigate this scheme and to do so immediately if it has not started already. Should Congress change hands in 2023, it will surely amplify Trump's framing of the narrative as a witch hunt, complicating the task of any investigation, indictment or trial."

According to the two, indicting Trump for seditious conspiracy might be the only way to keep him off the ballot in 2024 should the Republican Party not cast him aside before then as unelectable after his 2020 loss.

"Nothing short of convicting Trump for his role in the insurrection will disqualify him from running again in 2024, and claiming the mantle of a martyred hero rather than of a disgraced and convicted insurrectionist," they wrote before claiming, "For now, the important focus is on robustly investigating the entire post-election plot as an integrated conspiracy with two parts, each aimed at keeping Donald Trump in power."

You can read the whole piece here.