Watch: Jimmy Kimmel tells story about Dr. Oz being disgusted with Donald Trump
Mehmet Oz and Donald Trump (Photom by Ed Jones for AFP)

The host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on ABC revealed a story he heard about Donald Trump from Dr. Mehmet Oz during his opening monologue on the eve of the 2022 midterm elections.

The comedian was complaining about having a young child during Daylight Savings Time when he pivoted to Trump.

"Speaking of five-year-olds, I want to mention, Donald Trump," Kimmel said.

Kimmel explained how his wife started receiving texts asking if she had heard what Trump said about the comedian.

"Turns out, Fiberace gave me a shoutout during his blue-collar comedy tours," Kimmel said. "And I have to say, sometimes he feels like he doesn't like me that much."

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He then played a clip of Trump speaking at a Pennsylvania rally when he declared Kimmel's show "dead."

"That's right, our show is dead," Kimmel said. "Our show is so dead he's going to bury it next his ex-wife at one of his golf courses."

The comedian then addressed Donald Trump, Jr.

"You know what's dead?" the comedian asked. "I'll tell you what's dead, all those endangered animals your chinless son shot."

"And I will say, in January, our show will have been for 20 years, you got kicked out after four, okay? I'm on television, you're on the toilet at your golf club screaming at yours," Kimmel said.

Kimmel then discussed having dinner with "total phony" Dr. Oz and the television doctor's wife Lisa when Trump was running for president. He said he was told a story by the couple of how they were revolted by Trump.

Kimmel said that there was a party at Mar-a-Lago and a glamorous older woman with an accent was all dressed up when she asked, "Donald, how do I look?"

Trump reportedly replied, "you would look better wet" and shoved her in the pool.

"He pushes this fully-dressed older lady into the pool and she's humiliated and Lisa Oz helped her get out of the pool and she's like, 'get some towels' and helps her and warms her up and Trump just looked on and laughed like a maniac," Kimmel said. "And they told us this story with disgust, they were disgusted, and now they're up on stage endorsing each other."

"Isn't that great? A lot of integrity there," Kimmel said.

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