Trump Jr. adds a word to his dad's slogan and thinks it's brilliant: 'the left can't meme'
Donald Trump and son Donald Trump, Jr. / Shutterstock

While families across America gathered for Thanksgiving, Donald Trump, Jr. was posting on his father's microblogging website about his brilliant meme shirts.

The real estate heir posted a video to Truth Social about his "25% off everything" sale at his "Shop Don Jr" website.

In the video, Trump, Jr. is wearing a shirt with the word "again" added at the end of his father's "Make America Great Again" slogan.

"Guys, we all know the left can't meme, but the right can," he said with a smile of pride.

Other designs included, "guns don't kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people" and many featuring "FJB" for "f*ck Joe Biden."

There was an anti-vax "powered by natural immunity" shirt and "you raided the wrong president" even though his father's attorney told the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals that "raid" was not the correct word to describe the FBI executing a search warrant.

There was also an LGBTQ design, but the acronym spelled out was "let's get Biden to quit."

Another design referred to the former president as "the great MAGA king."

Watch below or at this link: