‘Was that OK?’ Trump Jr. seeks reassurances from girlfriend during rocky premier of new Rumble show

This Monday night was the premier of Donald Trump Jr.'s new Rumble show, "Triggered With Don Jr.," which he described as platform for "free speech and diversity of thought."

But the show's premier was slightly rocky. After about an hour into the show, Trump Jr. starting spitballing ideas for future episodes. He then started complaining about his treatment on other platforms.

Trump Jr. then introduced his "boss," namely his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, to which he asked, "was that okay?" in reference to his performance.

"I actually love it," Guilfoyle replied.

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"It was like an hour rant," Trump Jr. said.

"This is what you do at home and now everyone gets to see," Guilfoyle joked.

As the two started to have a discussion, the audio for the show started feeding back with a persistent echo.

Watch the video below or at this link.