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According to a report from Business Insider, lawyers representing the Trump Organization over accusations of tax fraud in a Manhattan courtroom ended up with multiple jurors among the twelve selected who are not big fans of Donald Trump and expressed their misgivings before being chosen.

As Business Insider reported, an overwhelming majority of potential jurors were dismissed by the court after they admitted they wouldn't be able to judge the case fairly due to the former president even though he is not the one on trial.

In a previous report, Insider noted that some potential jurors, in the case that will feature chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg as a chief witness into an investigation into "off the books" benefits to some senior executives that they did not have to show on their taxes, expressed outright hostility to Trump.

One told the court "I absolutely hate him. He's a liar and he's a scam artist. He's a danger to our society," while another was excused for telling a fellow prospective juror, "there is no chance in hell," they could judge Trump fairly.

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With Insider reporting, "Three of the twelve Manhattanites selected to sit on the jury when the Trump Organization goes on trial on tax-fraud charges said they had negative opinions of former President Donald Trump, including a man who called Trump a narcissist," two attorneys explained that Trump's lawyers simply ran out of challenges.

According to attorney Joseph Low, who specializes in jury selection, and Neama Rahmani, president of West Coast Trial lawyers, Trump's attorneys had a limited number of peremptory strikes -- as opposed to for-cause strikes" which are limitless.

In the case of the tax fraud trial, they pointed out that jurors who "expressed negative views of Trump made it onto the jury suggests that Trump's lawyers ran out of peremptory strikes to dismiss these jurors."

According to Rahmani, their situation was not helped based upon the jury pool available to them.

"When you're in a liberal jurisdiction like Manhattan, your jury pool is gonna consist of folks who don't like former President Trump," he explained.

Low added, "You pick the right jury, you're going to win. You don't pay attention to these things ... you're just rolling your dice. You might as well go to the craps table in Vegas. In fact, you probably get better odds there."

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