Former US attorney believes DOJ is treating Trump unfairly — by using kid gloves
Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, David Kelley, noted in passing that he thinks the Justice Department is treating the former president unfairly when dealing with the documents he took to Mar-a-Lago.

Speaking on a panel with former FBI counterintelligence expert Frank Figliuzzi on MSNBC, Kelley, suggested that there is a lot more to the case of the stolen document than is being revealed.

"He had the goods in his desk. He had them in his closet and so forth," Kelley explained. "What I would do is, what I'm sure the prosecutors and the agents are doing, they're going back and going to follow the trail from where these documents originated to where they ended up, and try to understand what role —and more importantly, what knowledge did the former president have and where they were going and how they got there, and how they were stored. Which I don't think will be too difficult to do."

He went on to say that he's not sure how big the roadblock will be with the special master and the ruling by Judge Aileen Cannon.

"One [reason], I don't think the government would do anything on the eve of an election," said Kelley. "And two, I think there's a lot they can get done along those lines that I just said in terms of following the trail of documents without having to focus on a specific document. Because we're talking about tranches of documents and how they travel."

Former Attorney General Bill Barr has spent the past several days speaking out on the Fox networks telling the former president's own supporters that Trump had no business having the documents, whether they were top secret, classified or not.

"I do agree with the former attorney general. It, I also agree with him that I think the opinion is seriously flawed," said Kelley. "As a practical matter, you know, I don't think it is really going to be too much of a hindrance, number one. Number two, at the end of the day, I hate to say this but I think I would have to agree. If there is a group of constituents out there who think this adds fairness to the process, let it be. I think there's unfairness to the process, too. He's getting special treatment."

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DOJ criticized by former US Attorney for using kid gloves when dealing with Trump