Jimmy Kimmel slams Trump for claiming his show is 'dead': 'What's dead is the look in your wife's eyes'
Jimmy Kimmel (Shutterstock)

Jimmy Kimmel shot back at Donald Trump on Monday night after he heard that the former president attacked him at a rally over the weekend.

Kimmel explained that all of a sudden his wife's phone started to blow up with people asking if they'd seen what Trump said. According to the 2020 election loser, Kimmel and the other late-night comedians are "dead" because they don't have Trump to make fun of anymore. Trump hasn't disappeared from the world, however. He simply isn't in the Oval Office anymore.

"That's right, our show is dead," Kimmel said with a smirk. "Our show is so dead he's going to bury it on the golf course next to one of his ex-wives." It is a reference to the bizarre decision of Trump to bury his ex-wife at one of his resorts despite being married to someone else.

"You know what's dead? I'll tell you what's dead. All those endangered animals your chinless son shot. That's what's dead. You know what's dead? The look in your wife's eyes when you beg her for sex on your birthday," Kimmel said.

"And I will say," he continued. "In January our show will have been on for 20 years, you got kicked out after four, okay?"

See the opener below: