Trump aides trying to keep president calm with polls showing his fans still love him: report
President Trump. (AFP)

According to a report from the Daily Beast, the few aides still attending to Donald Trump's daily needs are attempting to keep him from doing anything rash in his final days by plying him with print-outs of polls showing his rabid base has not fled him.

With the president just days away from having to evacuate the Oval Office for incoming President Joe Biden, the report states that the White House is almost a ghost town with officials packing their desks and preparing to move on with their lives.

One exception is Trump, when it comes to moving on, as he still fumes over his re-election loss and has been pressing those left around him for polling information that shows he still has a political future.

According to the Beast, aides have been printing out polls from one of the president's favorite pollsters that show the president still has support among some Republicans despite his complicity in the attack on the Capitol that stunned the rest of the country.

As one aide put it, "He's asked for the numbers several times. They're still good and we believe they'll go back up."

The report goes on to note Trump has been instructing aides to hype any good numbers on social media since his own accounts were shuttered almost a week ago.

However, as the Beast reports, the president's numbers are still nothing to brag about.

"Since the riot, Trump's overall approval rating has pushed disapproval rating above 60 percent in some polls. Morning Consult noted a 'significant decline' in support for Trump with a 60 percent overall disapproval rating and Marist found 51 percent of respondents now strongly disapproved of Trump's handling of the country, the 'first time a majority has held this view,'" the Beast reports. "Trump slipped somewhat in his approval ratings among Republicans in the wake of the riot—MorningConsult charted an 8 point drop in its approval tracking. But polls still show Trump with strong support among Republicans."

The report goes on to note that the President has also been having the press office issue statements that read like his tweets, described as "inconsequential press releases" in order to keep himself in the public eye.

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