Federal judge deals huge blow to Trump's lawsuit against tech companies for banning him
Sarah K. Burris

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Florida dealt a massive blow to former President Donald Trump's lawsuit against Twitter, Google, and Facebook for blocking him from their platforms — ruling that the case must be heard in a less favorable venue to the former president.

Trump filed the case in Miami, where the district and appellate court system are dominated by Republican appointees including several Trump himself appointed. But according to POLITICO legal affairs reporter Josh Gerstein, Judge Kevin Michael Moore, a George H. W. Bush appointee, stated that the terms of service for YouTube — which is owned by Google — require the case be transferred to a court in the San Francisco Bay Area, where courts have far more Democratic appointees.

Trump faced an uphill battle even if he had a Republican-appointed judge to hear his case. Legal experts have widely mocked the lawsuit as doomed, with First Amendment precedent clearly on the side of social media companies who want to keep objectionable content off of their platforms.

Other critics have even called it a "fundraising grift" intended only to encourage supporters to donate.

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