Trump pulled into another lawsuit — this time by investors claiming fraud over a product on 'The Apprentice'
Donald Trump at the Elysee Palace. (Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

Former President Donald Trump must give another deposition under oath due to a lawsuit by investors claiming fraud over videophone pitches.

Bloomberg News reported Thursday that investors are saying they were defrauded by Donald Trump more than a decade ago. The suit comes as a result of Trump marketing a failed venture during the "Celebrity Apprentice" show. Trump was supposed to be forced to testify by Oct. 31, but it was delayed by Hurricane Ian, which didn't hit Trump's country club.

"Trump, his company and his three oldest children were sued in 2018 by four investors who claim they were duped by Trump’s promotions into paying thousands of dollars to become independent sellers with ACN Opportunity LLC, which sold a doomed videophone device that the future US president touted as the next big thing," reported Bloomberg. "The clunky devices were made obsolete by smartphones."

The investors' lawyer claims that they intend to question why Trump started pitching the company to viewers around 2008, calling it easy money “without any of the risks most entrepreneurs have to take.”

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The lawsuit claims that Trump lied about the investors' faith in the products and failed to disclose to them that he was being paid to promote the company.

It's the second deposition Trump must sit for after speaking to lawyers under oath on Wednesday in the case over the defamation lawsuit of E. Jean Carroll.

Read the full report at Bloomberg News.