Trump's 'mystique is crumpling' because people aren’t scared of his bullying anymore: ex-prosecutor

As part of a discussion about former President Donald Trump's lawsuits, former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance and legal expert for The Nation, Elie Mystal, both concluded that the ex-president has finally hit the wall.

According to Mystal, Trump's latest lawsuit trying to prevent the documents around the Jan. 6 attack seemed like a blatant coverup attempt.

"Let's not lose sight of the fact that what Trump is arguing is that he has a privileged interest in keeping the public from seeking documents relating to a coup against the United States government," said Mystal. "His argument is a little like a cop coming up to me saying, 'Hey, Elie, do you know anything about the murder on Main and 14th Street' and me saying 'You can't see my gun!'"

He went on to explain that if Trump is going this hard "to the mattresses," then "maybe there is something we need to see."

But it was Vance who explained that what the Jan. 6 Committee and the other personal lawsuits have proven is that people aren't as scared of Trump as they once were. On Monday, Trump was unable to fight off a deposition under oath about allegedly ordering attacks on protesters injured by his bodyguards in 2015.

"Trump is a bully and always been a bully," said Vance. "And that's clear in his conduct, in this particular case, where part of this deposition today involved Trump being confronted with evidence where he encouraged the crowd to engage in violence."

Vance referenced the judge's decision to allow a video showing all of the times Trump told his rally attendees to hurt protesters and that he would pay the legal fees.

"We don't know the specifics of questions and answers, but in these civil cases," Vance continued. "Whether it's this one or the Summer Zervos's defamation case, or whether the case brought by E. Jean Carroll alleging that Trump defamed her over an alleged rape that occurred 20 years ago, if that case is permitted to go forward. All of these cases as they move forward subject Trump to the risk of deposition under oath of more of the truth coming forward and of more of his mystique and myth crumbling. And it seems likely they there are finally litigants not taking no for an answer."

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