Trump lawyer: Jan. 6 committee 'assaulted' the Constitution by subpoenaing the former president
Harmeet Dhillon

On Thursday, the Washington Examiner reported that Donald Trump's attorney, Harmeet Dhillon, accused the House January 6 Select Committee of "assaulting" the Constitution.

She made the claim in conversation with Paul Bedard of the paper's Washington Secrets feature.

"President Trump defended the doctrine of separation of powers and the independence of the presidency," said Dhillon. "The committee’s subpoena, clearly issued for political purposes, was an assault on those principles — and if allowed to stand, threatened the independence of the Executive Branch itself in our carefully balanced system of government." She later added, “While it should never have been issued, we are pleased that the subpoena has finally been withdrawn and that this abuse of process is at an end, though at great cost to the American people.”

Contrary to Dhillon's implication, presidents have been subpoenaed before, one of the most notable examples being Bill Clinton during independent counsel Ken Starr's investigation into the Monica Lewinsky affair.

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The subpoena against Trump was withdrawn after the committee concluded that they had obtained all necessary information through testimony from the president's associates and other witnesses.

Dhillon, who recently pushed conspiracy theories questioning the hammer attack against the husband of outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), is currently challenging longtime Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel for control of the GOP's umbrella organization. The race is reportedly growing ugly, with a flurry of accusations flung at each camp and their supporters in email chains, and various officials trying to point fingers over the worse-than-expected performance of Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections.